Rights and Discrimination

Disability discrimination

If you or your child are treated unfavourably because of your disability, that could amount to disability discrimination, which is illegal. Citizen’s Advice has a good explanation of what counts as disability discrimination with examples.

Reasonable adjustment

Another useful concept is the requirement for organisations to make reasonable adjustments for your disability. If a lack of such adjustments places a disabled person at a substantial disadvantage compared with others who are not disabled, this will be regarded as discrimination.

However, the definition of ‘reasonable’ is not defined in law, so for example schools do not have to substantially change their buildings if it would be difficult or costly to do so, although they should have a plan to make their premises more accessible.

Education rights

Enquire has a page for parent carers about education and children’s rights, which also covers jargon and the professionals who may be involved with your child at school.

Young people’s guide to disability rights

Young Scot has a guide to young disabled people’s rights.

Human rights

A more general overview of children’s human rights can be found on the Children’s Commissioner for Scotland’s website.

Children’s Parliament

All children should be healthy, happy and safe. This consultation explored what children with disabilities say they need to be healthy, happy, safe and to have their say in their lives. Children identified what can get in the way of realising their rights and what actions can be taken to support the realisation of rights for children with disabilities.

The full report can be found here.

Support to challenge decisions

Cerebra has written some template letters to help with common situations.

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