Understanding Autism

Need to know more about autism? There is a lot of poor-quality information around, and many people who try to sell you so-called ‘cures’ for autism.

Consider very carefully whether the sources of information are good quality or a bit C.R.A.P. We have lots of information to offer, which has been carefully checked, but first start here.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is often referred to as autism spectrum disorder. Some people believe that autistic people can have mild autism or be very autistic at the other end of the spectrum. This is not the case, and the spectrum is better described as a coloured wheel where all autistic people have different things they struggle with. Where individuals may function very well in some ways and not so well in others.

Artwork by Rebecca Burgess –

Rebecca Burgess has created a comic strip providing an easy read explanation of the coloured wheel and the autistic spectrum. Using the wheel to identify the areas of strength and the areas where support is needed can set out what is often described as a spiky profile.

The term spiky profile describes individuals who excel in certain areas or with certain tasks, but struggle in others. In other words, they have asynchronous development where some skills are really well developed and others aren’t.

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Autism pop-ups :

You can download these Autism and Strategies pages as a PDF by clicking the image above

Autism Resources

Autism Toolbox

Is a free online resource developed to support the inclusion of autistic learners in Scottish Early Learning and Childcare settings, Primary and Secondary schools.

There is advice and further information for learners and their families, Professionals, including information on Understanding Autism, Social and emotional wellbeing, Transitions including various resources from videos, PDF guides and templates and links to other organisations and resources.

National Autistic Society

Provide support in many ways for autistic people, their families, carers and professionals across many areas such as support with Rights, Education, Leisure and Employment including Support services providing direct support.

Salveson Mindroom Centre

This is a Scottish charity that champions all forms of neurodiversity and supports all kinds of minds. The charity provides advice and information to support parents & carers, professionals and children & young people.

A helpful guide has been created to help understand Autism and other Neurodiverse conditions:

SIGN Guideline No 145

A summary of the best health information about autism, which has been very carefully researched and represents the most up-to-date knowledge that doctors have.

SIGN parent carer book

SIGN young people (high school age) booklet on autism

SIGN BSL video about autism

Different Minds. One Scotland

This website was created and written in partnership with autistic people.  It shares information on the following topics:

Fact Vs Fiction

Lived Experiences


Where to Get Support

More Insights

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