Information for carers of young people with disabilities or additional support needs in West Lothian

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Signpost - Information and support for families of children and young people with additional support needs or disabilities

Dear Signpost visitor

As you may already know, Signpost closed its doors on 31 March 2023.

Sadly, this means that we are longer able to support you in person or on the phone, nor guide you to the support information, groups or organisations appropriate to your needs.

But there’s no need to leave us yet. This revised website contains lots of useful information, links and resources, and we are sure it will be an excellent point of reference for you over the coming months.

The website will be online to all visitors until at least March 2025. So please take a good look around, bookmark the site on your phone or computer, revisit whenever you need to, and use as much of the content as you can.

Questions and Answers

You can find some Q&As regarding the closure of Signpost by clicking this link :

Using our website

Our top menu will allow you to navigate your way through the pages of information in this site. We have structured the site in such a way that any information you need should be easy to find. If not, there is a SEARCH facility in the menu bar, as well as a SITEMAP page.

There will also be several other links and buttons dotted throughout the site, to guide you to other links and pages with further information.

Please note that all the information will be correct to the best of our knowledge at 31 March 2023, but we will be unable to update it in the future. This may mean that some links may stop working in the months ahead, as organisations and funders amend their support and resources.

Additional Support

We have an extensive list of links to other services and information on this site, including a DIRECTORY page. We should stress that we are making these available to you as contact information, and that Signpost cannot be held responsible for the advice and support offered by the organisations themselves.

If you still can’t find the information or links you need please use our recommendations below as your starting point. Here are three of the best:

West Lothian Council ‘Listen and Link’

Support for anyone with concerns about a person’s wellbeing
Tel: 01506 283160


National support for parents of children with additional needs including rare conditions
Tel: 0808 808 3555
or submit an online query

“Without Signpost I’d be lost”

Thank you everyone!

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us during our 22 year history in West Lothian, as well as our staff and trustees who have contributed so much to our work.

Those 22 years have shown Signpost the tremendous resilience of families whose children have additional support needs and we are proud to have helped so many of you to achieve the best life possible.

Further information

If you have any questions about the closure, please email before 31 March 2023.

Our contact number (until we close) is 01506 431 123.

Please note that our previous email address and telephone numbers will not be available after 31 March 2023.

We will also continue to use our Facebook page for the next few weeks, and you will find regular posts and updates there.

A Message from our Trustees

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Website last revised 31 March 2023
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