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Library & Publications


Signpost has a large library of books on autistic spectrum disorders, behaviour issues, diet, transition and many other topics which are available for parents and professionals to borrow.

There is a one-off joining fee of £3 after which library members can borrow up to four items for a month at a time.

Many of the books and other resources in our library can be ordered from Amazon or other retailers. Signpost’s library is designed to allow readers to see whether a particular publication might be helpful to them before they commit to the cost of buying it.

We would ask borrowers to be considerate and return books promptly, as other families may be waiting to borrow them.

A list of Signpost library books can be found by clicking the link below:

Signpost Library List


Signpost has published a number of short booklets and leaflets about topics of interest to families. A list is shown below – please contact the office if you would like any of these sent to you.

Holiday fact-sheet – some key companies and destinations which are accessible.

‘Are you prepared for change?’ – for families of teenagers preparing to leave school

Leisure leaflet – local clubs for children with additional support needs

‘My Brother or Sister has a disability’ – a booklet for young children covering some simple questions and facts

‘A child I know has special needs – how can I help?’  – a guide for friends and relatives covering all kinds of disability. (Our booklet is closely based on an original publication by the Cerebral Palsy Association of Western Australia, to whom we are very grateful. The original text can be seen here).

Information for Dads – a summary of useful websites and other information for all male carers.