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What people say

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Signpost does regular user surveys to find out what people think of our service, and we evaluate all of our training, using the feedback to make improvements in the future.

This document ‘You said – we did’ describes some of this work:

Signpost – you said – we did

In general, the people who contact Signpost are satisfied with the service they receive, and we strive to respond to feedback that we are given. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to respond to our survey forms or telephone questionnaires.

Some of the comments people have made about us include:

  • “You are the right people with the right attitude in the right place”
  • “Very knowledgeable in a variety of subjects”
  • “Celebrates success as well as dealing with difficulties”
  • “There is not enough help of this kind available to parents”
  • “Provides good information for families about local events”
  • “I always enjoy the newsletter there’s always something useful in it”
  • “Good to know I’ve got a wee lifeline…”
  • “Signpost gave us great advice and support”

If you would like to comment on our website or any other aspect of our service, please contact us.